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Genital itching specialist interest


Dr Blackwell treats skin conditions that affect the genital area - such as eczema, psoriasis, lichen sclerosus and lichen planus.


Dr Blackwell also has expertise in vulval pain disorders and is a member of the British Society for the Study of Vulval Disorders. Vulval disorders is the medical term for feminine itching, genital itching or vaginal itching.


She will be able to diagnose your vulval condition and prescribe effective treatment. When necessary Dr Blackwell also works closely with womens’ health physiotherapists, gynaecologists and psychotherapists at Spire Harpenden Hospital.





I am a Member of:

The British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease


You may find these sites useful:

The Vulval Pain Society (VPS)

The National Lichen Sclerosus Support Group



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